• Prolotherapy is a technique that applies the basic principle of assisting and stimulating the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms. When performed correctly and efficiently prolotherapy is an incredible tool to stimulate healing of many “untreatable” or “chronic injuries” which may have responded poorly to other therapies, including surgical intervention. It can also be used effectively to help a person to prevent the need for surgery.

    The basic mechanism of prolotherapy is simple; a combination of natural substances are mixed together and then injected into the area being treated such as an affected ligament or tendon. Over a period of time (3-6 weeks) the body is stimulated to start the healing process. During this healing process specialized cells known as fibroblasts are called into action to rebuild, tighten, and strengthen those ligaments and tendons, which may have been injured. It is this process, over time, that facilitates strengthening of joints and promoting resilience to recurrent injuries.

    Frequency of prolotherapy treatments varies depending on the individual person, type of injury, age, and overall nutritional status. A routine treatment regimen usually includes a minimum of 3 treatments including an evaluation appointment at the conclusion of the third treatment to assess response to the prolotherapy.

  • At A Family Healing Center, while receiving prolotherapy injections, the patient will be placed on an individualized nutritional program to aide the regenerative process of building tissue for optimal musculoskeletal function.

    An example of effective adjunct therapy to prolotherapy is gemmotherapy, or plant stem cell nutrition (link to plant stem cell nutrition). Plant Stem Cell remedies are herbal medicine concentrates extremely effective in healing musculoskeletal injuries, promoting cellular regeneration, and providing macronutrients to the tissues.

    Dr. Jason Black has treated many musculoskeletal conditions with prolotherapy. Such conditions include acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, unresolved whiplash injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic tendonitis, partially torn tendons, ligaments and cartilage, and degenerated or herniated discs, TMJ and sciatica.

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