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  • A Family Healing Center is dedicated to providing you with the best and most advanced medical care in the world for now and generations to come.

    • We are about awareness
    • We are about connection
    • We are about education
    • We are about community
    • We are healthcare for a changing world
  • We promise to continually research advanced techniques to broaden our knowledge and skills to delicately blend science and nature into exceptional treatments. In all aspects, we strive to use the least invasive treatments necessary to achieve particular health goals.

    At all times, we encourage our patients to have a strong understanding and involvement in the therapies we prescribe. We will always be educators as much as we are healers and welcome your questions and concerns.

About Dr. Jason Black, ND

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  • Dr. Jason Black did his medical training at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. He received his undergraduate degree from the Evergreen State College and graduated with a bachelor of science before attending medical school.

    Dr. Jason currently serves as the medical director for Better Choices, a drug and alcohol treatment center in McMinnville.

    Dr. Jason specializes in treating many complex pain conditions. Whether the pain results from a slip and fall, car accident or sports injury, Dr. Jason is skilled in multiple successful therapies to reduce pain. He focuses on restoring the health of damaged tissue resulting from injuries or inflammation.

    In addition to using natural medicines, Dr. Jason utilizes injection therapies such as Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy directed at resolving the cause of pain.


  • He was trained in Prolotherapy at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine through the Hackett Hemwall Foundation. Prolotherapy has been used since 400 BC and is an effective therapy that facilitates healing of ligament tears as well as corrects acute and chronic pain syndromes. Neural therapy involves the injection of a local anesthetic and homeopathic medicines into various but specific areas to reset aggravated nerve fibers.

    Dr. Jason has also been trained in effective injection therapy for fat reduction and asthetic procedures.

    Drs. Jason and Jessica have 2 wonderful daughters and they enjoy spending time together as a family in the outdoors. Dr. Jason loves to bike, backpack, and loves to slow down for a glass of fine wine accompanied by a flavorsome meal.

About Dr. Jessica Black

  • Dr. Jessica Black graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine where she obtained her medical training. Dr. Jessica attended Cardinal Stritch University prior to her medical studies and graduated cum laude with a bachelor of arts. In 2006, Dr. Jessica published The Anti-inflammation Diet and Recipe Book after working on perfecting her recipes and selling locally for a couple of years. Dr. Black enjoys promoting her book and giving educational lectures to the community. She was invited to Book Expo America in 2007 to present the book to many book enthusiasts. It is sold internationally and can easily be found in local bookstores. In 2010, she co-authored Living with Crohn’s and Colitis; A Comprehensive Naturopathic Guide to Health and Wellness with Dede Cummings.

    Dr. Black enjoys dividing her time between her Oregon clinic location offering family healthcare to Multnomah, Yamhill, and surrounding counties. She specializes in women’s medicine including natural hormone balancing for menopause and childhood wellness including chronic asthma and acute and chronic illness in children.

  • Because of her thirst for knowledge she continues to study and research vaccinations, hormones, new treatment ideas, and cutting edge techniques used to improve people’s health. She is currently working on two additional books: one covering childhood development, vaccinations, nutrition, at-home treatments and another one covering inflammation, diet and recipes, chronic illness, and disease prevention.

    Dr. Black also serves on the board for a non-profit organization, MamaBaby Haiti dedicated to providing midwifery services and naturopathic care to women and children in Haiti. Please visit mamababyhaiti.org to find out more or donate to help us continue our supportive health care in Haiti.

    She enjoys spending time with her husband, Dr. Jason Black, and two beautiful spirited daughters in addition to celebrating food and drink creations with friends and family.

About Dr. Kalli Keddie

  • My name is Kalli Keddie I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, naturopathic doctor… in that order. Simply put family is everything to me. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I always said a mom, knowing I wanted to care for others. Being a naturopathic doctor allows me to provide care for individuals and their loved ones; which brings me great joy.

    I started my journey in natural medicine in 2007 as a colon hydro-therapist and digestive health consultant. I enjoy educating patient’s on nutrition and how their bodies work.

    My passion for education called me to return to school becoming a naturopathic physician. I completed my residency at A Family Healing Center in Portland and McMinnville, OR in May 2018.

    I graduated medical school from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe, AZ in 2016. Prior to SCNM I attended National University of Health Sciences and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with an undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences.

  • I have worked in numerous naturopathic clinics in Wisconsin, Australia, Arizona and now Oregon, where I currently practice at A Family Healing Center in Mcminnville, Oregon.

    I like to work with a diverse patient population and really enjoy pediatrics. I utilize therapies in nutrition, botanical and homeopathic medicine. As a primary care provider I see women, children and men with general medicine concerns. This includes but not limited to GI health concerns, Diabetes, Weight loss, Women’s health, Thyroid concerns and Pediatrics.

    In my free time I enjoy spending time with Alex (my husband) Bray and Toula (my children) and Reggie (our dog). I like to travel, run, cook, eat and enjoy a good glass of wine.

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