Bio-Theraputic Drainage

  • Biotherapeutic drainage uses homeopathy and plant preparations such as UNDA numbers to enhance the body’s normal routes of elimination and improve cellular function. By opening these routes of elimination, impurities are excreted, minimizing stress on the system and promoting proper organ system function. By improving proper elimination, the body is able to tolerate more external stressors without creating uncomfortable symptoms.

    Long-term stress on the body plays a roll in most chronic illness. Stress can be emotional or physical such as from injury, poor diet, environmental chemicals, allergens, air pollution, and more. Proper elimination is extremely important to preserving vital health and in the treatment of any illness.

    UNDA numbers can be directed towards specific tissues or organs within the body promoting adequate function, even if the function of that tissue or organ has already been compromised, degenerated, or damaged.

    Most often, response to UNDAs is quick and revitalizing. In rare cases, initially the UNDA numbers and homeopathic remedies used for drainage may produce aggravation or symptoms of old disease conditions as the tissues are cleansed of previously incomplete healing. Usually the symptoms are not serious and even those who are sensitive can tolerate this process. These cleansing symptoms should be tolerated if possible and they will usually last only 3-5 days.

  • Lifestyle and Adjunctive Therapies: UNDA numbers stimulate the body to eliminate properly and stimulate proper organ function. During the cleansing and reprogramming process, the patient must focus on adequate nutrition, rest, exercise, water, sunshine, detoxification, prayer, positive attitude and expectation, forgiveness and appreciation. Such ongoing activities and attitudes are the foundations of health. Other therapies such as plant stem cell remedies, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients may be indicated to help support the body and will be prescribed as necessary to aid in healing and/or maintaining healthy body function.

    These remedies are non-toxic, will not interfere with other medications (conventional or non-conventional), have a gentle yet deep-acting and long-lasting effect, and are safe for all ages including infants.

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