Pediatric Care

  • Parents and providers in today’s society are responsible for guiding the very complex and sensitive process of neurological, emotional, social, immunological, and physical development of their children. Every aspect of childhood and development builds the intricate meshwork of future health and potential illnesses.

    It is immensely important to preserve proper bodily functions from a very young age, utilizing and exercising all life-given faculties. For the cliché goes, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. In our medical paradigm of thinking and practice, the saying would more likely be, “if you suppress it, you’ll lose it.”

    As a mother herself, Dr. Jessica is a very caring and compassionate physician for your child. She understands the needs of your child and the importance of naturopathic health care in your child’s future.

  • She offers well child exams and treats most acute and chronic illnesses in children including asthma, digestive disorders, mental and emotional disorders, hyperactivity, and autism.

    Dr. Jessica Black has studied vaccinations extensively and offers regular lectures on this subject in McMinnville and Portland. She also incorporates her knowledge into her age-appropriate well child examinations. Dr. Jessica utilizes many unique treatments when treating children. Her treatments are first and foremost, safe and effective and she chooses them to be age-appropriate to her patient and to the problem being addressed. Often, Dr. Jessica has much more to offer newborns and infants because all the remedies that she uses are safe, non-toxic, and can even be used on babies who are only days old.

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  • She strives to teach parents to become excellent caregivers for their children. She has a passion for food, cooking, and nutrition and teaches parents how to implement the ideal nutritive diet for their young one(s).

    For times when children are ill, she teaches parents many simple at-home treatments in addition to the use of homeopathic remedies that can be used for infections, fevers, teething, etc…

    The knowledge parents gain through regular visits with Dr. Jessica proves to be invaluable in the middle of the night when a child is ill and they would normally not have any treatments at hand.

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