Pain Management

Pain Management

  • Acute and chronic pain can cause detrimental effects on the body. From inflammation, tissue damage, and destruction to insomnia, depression, and anxiety, pain can penetrate one’s daily life in a very unpleasant way. Whether the pain results from a slip and fall, car accident, sports injury, or unknown cause, Dr. Jason Black uses his broad knowledge base to individually develop a treatment plan to fit all pain syndromes and all patients based on their needs.

    Often times, pain relievers either don’t do the job, or cause other health issues and in chronic pain situations, should not be used long term. Dr. Black has many solutions for consistently failed cases that were treated with narcotic type medications.

    It takes a very special and skilled physician to participate in the care of individuals with pain. Pain is always multifaceted and must be approached in that way. Dr. Jason Black is not only an excellent pain management physician, he takes extra strides to understand each patient’s pain, potential causes, emotional and mental effects caused by the pain in addition to changes the pain may have caused to patients’ daily living. He is sensitive and skilled at treating all of these aspects when addressing people’s pain. He builds a comprehensive treatment plan that not only addresses the pain, but also addresses any emotional issues related to the pain and works at building improved health. With this comprehensive approach, many other medical issues are addressed can improve quickly while under therapy.

  • He prides himself on his ability to treat pain syndromes mainly drug-free and has worked with many patients in decreasing their dosages and completely eliminating narcotic pain medications. Dr. Black is competent in multiple successful therapies to effectively treat pain and heal structural problems. These therapies consist of a combination of homeopathy, herbal medicine, European medications, and specific procedures called Neural Therapy and prolotherapy.

    He was trained in Prolotherapy at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine through the Hackett Hemwall Foundation. Prolotherapy has been used since 400 BC and is an effective therapy that facilitates healing of ligament tears as well as corrects acute and chronic pain problems. He was trained in Neural therapy by world renown physician, Dr. Deidrich Klinghardt. Neural therapy involves the injection of a local anesthetic and homeopathic medicines into various but specific areas to reset aggravated nerve fibers and increase healing. Often times, results are seen very quickly.

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